Causes of Disease

Have you ever thought about how your body's organs would feel about the food you eat?   Have you ever thought about the positive or negative effect the food that you eat has on your body and mind?  We all know that if we continually consume food or processed items that harms our organs we will become sick with disease such as cancer or high blood pressure related illnesses, and maybe even dementia.  But many people eat harmful food anyway with or without knowing the harmfulness of what they are eating.
Looking at the dictionary
Nothing is missing
As the Autumn deepens
Grabbing the rake
Holding the sack
Saying that he will scoop up the moon
Up from the pond
Saying that he will capture
The wave from the shore

               Poem:  Futility

Momentum !
Momentum !

When run fast
can not stop immediately


Heavenly to Heaven

      Poem: Law of Heaven