What is a typical day in the New Lifestyle 60 90 20 Program?   

Our program is designed to maximize the detoxification of your body in an environment of supportive professionals whose entire goal is to assist you to live a more joyful life through better health by conscious eating and Reflective Meditation.  You'll begin your day with a raw vegan 100% nutritionally balanced Rainbow Ssambap  breakfast and throughout your day you may enjoy other activities this area has to offer.  Rainbow Ssambap is also offered for lunch as well as for supper.  Feel free to choose to just relax and soak in the peacefulness this beautiful sun-kissed valley and our program has to offer.  To download your copy of the "609020 Rainbow Ssambap"  book go to Amazon.com or visit us at:

How long is the New Lifestyle 60 90 20 program?

The New Lifestyle 609020 program is a minimum of a three day stay and up to 42 days.
Check in at 3 p.m.on the day of your arrival and check out is at Noon on the day of your departure.

What kind of results may I expect?

Every guest may expect to experience very positive results from mental clarity, to weight loss, to the
stabalizing of blood sugar, and lowered blood pressure.  Humans beings have the ability to self-heal and given
the right environment supported by clean eating your body will begin to heal itself.  We welcome those whom
have been inflicted with degenerative diseases and will assit you on your journey to self-healing.   The
optimal results, however, will be enjoyed by guests whom participate fully in the New Lifestyle 60 90 20
program and arrive at the program after refraining from caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, meat, dairy
products, and all processed foods as per our recommendations.  Like anything worthwhile, an honest and
personal committment is required if a total positive and lifelong effect is to take place.  

How safe is the 60 90 20 program?

Our program is designed to assist you to better health, self-healing, and mental well-being.  A nutritionally
balanced raw vegan program is the way Mother Nature intended for us to eat and it really is the only method to
sustain optimal self-health and self-healing.

What if I have never experienced a program of this nature?

The New Lifestyle 60 90 20 program is truly like no other and even though very different in nature and
philosophy than other health retreat programs you can expect to experience very positive results not only
physical but in mental clarity as well.  Because we recognize this will be a totally new and exciting
experience we offer a nuturing and supportive environment to assist you on your journey to better health and
well-being.  We recommend that you bring along your medical devices, if applicable, such as your blood
pressure cuff and blood sugar monitoring sticks so that you may  measure your self-healing throughout this program.

What type of food will I be eating?

Our 60 90 20 program features a 100% nutritionally balanced raw vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner made entirely from locally sourced organic fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts, and seeds.  We call our delicious meals "Rainbow Ssambap."   Our meals are fresh, raw, and made exactly how Mother Nature intended for us to eat.  

How do I know if I can endure a raw vegan program?

As with any life change or life changing experience you will definitely be aware of the possitive manifestations taking place not only in your body but also in your clarity and calmness of your mind.  One of the positive aspects of the New Lifestyle 60 90 20 program is how healthy and clean your body will feel just after one meal.  We do suggest that you prepare yourself for this life changing experience as much as possible prior to your arrival.  To prepare yourself we strongly suggest that you stop drinking all caffeinated,  alcoholic, and carbonated beverages and reduce your intake of meat, dairy, and all processed foods for two weeks prior to your arrival.

What if I do not want to lose any weight?

Not everyone is overweight and perhaps the physical concerns may be different such as high blood pressure or just a desire to detoxify the body and calm the mind.  In any case, a body will come into balance during a self-healing process.  Further, the right kind of exercise will develop lean muscle and counter the loss of unwanted fat.  We are here to asssit you to better health and well-being and will certainly be available to assist you with your concerns.  The New Lifestyle 60 90 20 is not a caloric restricted program.  In fact, we encourage you to eat.

How should I expect to feel at the end of the program?

Our goal is to assist you in your self-healing journey and to help you achieve optimum health and well-being but the final results will largely depend on your personal committment to that process.  By adhering to the New Lifestyle 60 90 20 program, even for the minimum stay of three days, you will feel more energized, enjoy mental clarity, and experience a sense of calm and well-being. 

What will my room accommodation be?

Our beautifully appointed and spacious King Suites and Cottages are newly refurbished and offer private baths and patios or decks.  

Are couples welcome?

Absolutely! And we have suites and cottages that will accommodate from four to six adults.

Are pets welcome?

Yes your beloved pet is welcome here.  There are a few restrictions though and an additional deposit and fee is required.  You may call our office for additional details.

What is the appropriate clothing and gear to bring to the program?

We recommend comfortable and casual clothing that is suited for the weather at the time of the year of your stay.  We also recommend walking shoes, swim wear, exercise clothing, a hat, and sunscreen. If you are taking any type of medications, of course we recommend that you bring those with you as well in addition to any and all medical devices, blood pressure cuffs, or blood sugar monitoring indicators.  

What is the weather during the different seasons?

Here in the beautiful Carmel Valley we do experience mild to moderate seasonal weather.  In the Fall, Winter and early Spring, daytime temperatures can range from the mid-40's to mid-70's.  Evenings during these seasons will become cool and can dip into the 30's.  In the late Spring and Summer months, daytime termperatures can range from the mid-60's and peak in the 80's.  Evenings tend to be warmer during these months and may average in the mid-to-low 60's.  The Carmel Valley Lodge has heating in every suite but does not offer air conditioning.  Overall, the weather is beautiful and moderate in Carmel Valley and this location does not experience fog like other areas along the Central Coast. 

Is there Wi-Fi available?

Yes, the property does have free Wi-Fi and the local library is just minutes away if you need to conduct business that requires photocopying or computer use.  We do ask though, for the comfort of all of our guests, that you cell phone be used only in the privacy of your suite. 

Is transportation provided?  What is the arrival and departure information?

Transportation is not provided so if traveling a distance please make those arrangements independently.  Check-in time is 3 pm on the day of arrival and check-out is Noon on the day of departure.

Are gratuities included in the cost?

Gratuities are not included in the cost of your stay and are discretionary but always appreciated.  Guests are under no obligation to leave a gratuity.

If I am using private jet services, what is the closest airport?

Monterey Regional Airport is the closest airport.  But, if using the services of a private jet service your pilot should have the information.