Tong P. Kim
At 73 years-of-age, he is hard to keep up with.  His energy and physical strength is boundless and he attributes this to his vegan lifestyle and personal meditation practices.  For 50 years, he has searched for a better way to physically and emotionally live day-by-day.  He believes he has found the answer and is on a personal mission to share his wisdom about health and healthy living by doing it one raw vegan meal at a time.  Tong P. Kim moved to the United States from Korea in the 1970's.  After residing in the Los Angeles area for several years he relocated and moved to the Monterey Peninsula because he wanted to " live in heaven".  In 1982, he travelled back to Korea to find his own life's purpose.  For 100 days he meditated and lived in a tent at the top of a mountain.  After studying several disciplines he moved back to the United States with a firm goal in mind.
In August of 2014, Tong purchased the Carmel Resort and Wellness Center in order to guide others in transforming their lives to greater health.  His philosophy and belief that the human body was meant to live on a law vegan diet and that cooked and processed food kills nutrients, enzymes, and people led him to create the "60 90 20 Lifestyle Program".  The dish "Rainbow Ssambap" is made entirely by using organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lentils.  His program includes other essential life elements that are just as important to one's physical and emotional health.  The program also includes Reflective Mediation and self-healing through artistry.  Heavenly to Heaven!